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If you are looking to spice up your event, we have you covered.
 Our portfolio is truly limited to the imagination.  

We hope to inspire you to think big, to be different and most of all to be awesome.  


All of the enhancements below are available a la carte and can be

customized to align with your event, theme or budget. 

Up Lighting 

Lighting when used correctly can change the atmosphere of any event.  From dramatic uplighting to subtle accent features, we have the ability to visually take your event to the next level.

Monogram Projections

If you are interested in seeing your name, logo, theme items or favorite song lyric in lights on your dance floor or on any wall surface at your event - we have the enhancement solution for you. We are the only company around to offer animated and customized monograms because we are just that good!   

Multi - Media Screens

Content is king and it is so much more then having "screens" at your event.  If you are interested in incorporating technology into your celebration, this feature rich enhancement is awesome. 

Dance On The Clouds

The perfect way to create a Cinderella-like moment during your first dance or any other special dance at your event or celebration.  Its all about impact and this is one way to personalize your moment.

Elegant DJ Booths

Creativity doesn't end here!  Check out our one of a kind DJ booth to Amp up the look you are going for, we can match the style of any event.  Get in touch to check out what we have to offer.

Cold Spark Machine

Indoor Sparkular Fountain. Imagine your grand entrance, your first dance or your packed dance floor complimented by a beautiful display of cold sparks that do not produce smoke, are non toxic and add a dramatic WOW factor. Have our fixtures ignite during your milestone moment to add a bit of visual awesome-sauce.

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