Who We Are 

Welcome to The Entertainment Group.  We pride ourselves on being different than any other DJ company, cause why be the same? .  We are passionate, insanely creative– and “average” just isn’t what we’re about.  We’re always looking to do more– to create, to innovate, and to show how technology, when used with talent, allows us to change the rules without the cheese.

 We always strive to push the bar higher and in different directions, so that our Rock-Star Clients and Couples receive the type of event they deserve: one that will be remembered long after the last song ends.  Packed dance floors loaded with guests of all ages, the artistry of flawless entertainment ability, a broad portfolio of enhancements, and not being bound by the limitations of packages or outdated standards, is what it’s about for us

Anthony Record
Profile DJ / MC

Anthony is a high demand DJ.  He Continually looks to push the creative bar higher utilizing his 23 years of experience rocking amazing events for amazing clients.

Jason Stabler
DJ Extraordinaire

Having worked in the event industry for a number of years and working many different styles of events - Jason has become a very popular host DJ and AV Team Member.

Kevin Blodgett
Event / Wedding DJ

Dj'ing before he could drive and having years experience spinning in the Club has made Kevin a seasoned professional. He can adapt and play for any crowd or event.  Basically this guy loves to DJ

Jay Grosman
Event / Wedding DJ

He’s got drive and ambition for the industry.  Music was just born in his blood.  Jay will keep your party hot all night and keep your guest on the dance floor!

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